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Higher Consciousness Energy Purification


If you click on the "BOOK QHHT" tab on you will note that it is marked to last for 6 hours. However, a single session can last between 4-9 hours. I do not charge hourly - only per day session and it can last as long as needed.

Note well that this technique is "one-time" healing. No ongoing sessions are normally required unless you request them for special reasons (e.g. exploring other Past Lives, Life Between Lives, Surrogate Healing of a loved one or a pet) - in which case costs of subsequent sessions will be first discussed as they can be shorter.


Although life coaches or psychologists may charge (my current day fee 140 EUR for the QHHT) per hour, my explanation for the fee structure is that I would like to keep it affordable for anyone in need, since often people struggling with finances may require this service the most, due to conditioned or unconscious beleif systems.

We all hold subtle beliefs about money and abundace and it is my passion to conduct the sessions and to connect on a deeper level.

​You are welcome to contact me on what is an appropriate charge for your situation. Every case is different.

Regard the QHHT as an investment, a true gift to oneself and which could possibly free you of the ongoing financial costs associated with other methods.

Occasionally, I conduct free sessions for research purposes for unusual conditions or situations in the interests of "discovery" of what QHHT™ can unfold. I may also offer free research sessions where there is a clear communication established (under Phase 2) with Extra-Stellar or Light entities which desire to impart important information on behalf of Humanity. 

I am based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. However, I can travel countrywide and worldwide if my travel costs are reimbursed.


Very happy to assist in wellness and health retreats, Reiki channelling, passing on attunement (initiations) and QHHT for in-depth self-inquiry can be wonderful additions to yoga retreats or any other coaching, meditation, mindfulness, self-exploration, ecstatic dance or festivals with holistic approach, events. I can also conduct one-to-one private sessions within businesses.

If you prefer to come to Amsterdam, I can assist you with finding local accommodation if it is required. I would point out that I do not recommend you drive yourself home after a Session if it is a long way. 


Do you treat patients with severe health problems?

I can not assist people with multiple personality disorders or schizophrenia and have the right to refuse any patients who I may find not open to receive the treatment.

Legal Disclaimer and General Common Sense Awareness regarding Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Reiki Treatments

A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session will hopefully inspire you to pursue health in realization that your core being is happiness. It may show that there is no need to seek Self realization as you are that NOW; your true essence is being beyond time and space.


In any field of healing or medicine there are never any guarantees. QHHT is no different in that it asks you to be diligent in your own aftercare. Hearing your own advice and seeking understanding of any subtle messages given to you as evidenced in the Audio recordings given to you.

QHHT is a powerful, effective and a profound tool to expand awareness. It is not intended to be a substitute for medical care or to take you away from or change whatever health program you are on without proper advice from your traditional medical Consultants, Physicians and Doctors. Furthermore, you are always in control, in charge and responsible to decide what you wish to take on or leave, release or let go of, also during the QHHT session.

If you are dealing with a medical condition, we advise that you consult your physician and receive a full and proper medical diagnosis. Neither I nor any QHHT Practitioner nor any QHHT representatives are qualified to either diagnose or give medical advice or treatment.

Remember, the QHHT Session I conduct with you is in my capacity as a facilitator or guide. I engender a discussion between you and your Higher Self (or Collective Cosmic Consciousness) and the recorded Sessions will clearly reveal the Higher Source of information and healing.

I say this to you with genuine Love and Compassion.



Reiki & Legal Claim

Reiki is a laying on of hands and that it is done without the person disrobing. There are various hand positions with Hands On Reiki treatment, however if you feel uncomfortable about being touched, I can do the entire treatment without touching You by placing my hands 3" to 4" away from your body.


I am not a doctor or psychologist and at the most I can guarantee relaxation and stress reduction.


While many people have received healing, I can't guarantee healing results (remember, doctors and psychologist don't guarantee results either) and that if you do have a medical or psychological problem, I suggest that you see an enlightened health care professional.

Never change or eliminate any medications you may have been placed on by you doctors. An easy way to do this is to

I usually use the "Client Information Form" before we start the treatments or attunements. I will ask you to read it and sign it.

With energy work no license is required.

With Reiki Attunements you will get an internationally recognized certificate.

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